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  • Car Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How do I enter my car? You can go to the website and pay by credit card or download, print and mail your registration form to Expo Americas at 7320 N.W. 85th Terrace Kansas City Missouri.

    How much does it cost to register my car? If you pre-register your vehicle it is $30.00 if you wait until the day of show it is $40.00.

    What if I want to register my car and enter the car hopper contest, what’s my fee? The car hopper entry fee is $30.00 and if you wait until the day of show it is $40.00

    What if I just want to purchase a larger display area for my vehicle since it is a complete show car? Display areas are 20×20 and you can reserve your area for $30.00 if you preregister and if you wait until the day of show it is $50.00.

    What if I need electricity for my display or my vehicle stall? The fee for Electricity is $50.00 and that is based on providing one plug with two outlets and 20 amps total pull. And if you wait until the day of show it is $75.00.

    What time do I bring my car to load in and set up if I register? Move-in times: Sept. 15th – 8:00 am-10:30 am. Move-out: Sept. 16th 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm Can I just enter for one day or do I have to leave my car for both? The car show is part of a larger two day event, Expo Americas and so therefore the expectation is that you are registering for the two day show and your vehicle will be there for the duration of the festival.

    Will there be security? There will be 24 hour a day security guards patrolling the entire grounds of Expo Americas but more specifically the area in which the car show is located is directly in front of one of the most secure buildings in the city, the building that houses the Internal Revenue Service. That means there is already a heavy security presence so your cars should be as safe there as they are anywhere. As well we have hired Batman and Iron Man to patrol as well.

    Does Expo Americas have insurance? Yes, Expo Americas has a commercial policy that covers our event as well the Car Club that is producing the event in conjunction with us is also securing their own extended policy for coverage during the show.

    Do I get tickets to the event if I enter my car of exhibit during the show? Yes vehicle each entry will be given 2 exhibitor tickets per day, per entry.

    How much does the car show cost to enter? The car show is part of Expo Americas and is included in the $15 dollar advance ticket price plus ticket service and convenience fees of course. However if you buy a family four pack in advance you can save $5 dollars per ticket and the service is only assessed on 2 tickets a saving of $30.00 dollars. That is only if you purchase in advance. As well, ticket holders have access to Expo Americas “LIVE” the concert featuring Super Star Performer Charlie Wilson, A.B. Quintanilla and The Kumbia All Starz, Enanitos Verdes, Voz De Mando, Jay Perez, Ram Herrera and many more, Science City located inside Union Station, the entire offering of exhibitors offering a full array of goods and services, The “Visions of Art exhibit”, the Job Fair being presented by the Kansas Latino Affair Commission and The State of Missouri’s Full Employment council, the Health and Wellness Plaza with a variety of medical checkups, products and screening at no cost and last but not least the Quinceañera and Fashion Plaza. For more detailed information please take a tour of our website or find us on Face book.

    What if it rains? It’s Kansas City and of course it tends to rain during all times of year however Expo Americas is a rain or shine event and the show will go on. There are no refunds on entries for car or displays.

    What time does the show start and end? Gates open at 11 AM each day and close on Saturday at 12 midnight, tickets for entry will only be sold until 11 pm. On Sunday gates close at 10 PM with ticket sales ending at 9 PM.

    Who can I call if I want to speak to someone about the car show? You can call Jorge Flores at 816.352.4305 or the Expo Americas info line at 816.912.7677